OMR: Consistent, automated meter reading for out-of-network meters.


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Continuous meter reading, for every location.

Olea's Meter Reading solution (OMR) enables digital meter reading for all meters -- even remote, isolated meters that are not connected to an AMI/AMR network.


OMR offers a simple solution for accessing important, hard-to-reach meters. By integrating a specialized camera with edge computing technology, OMR captures images of the meter register (digital or analog), and converts the images into a digital number that can be reported to the utility on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The system operates efficiently using either battery or solar power, and transmits data back seamlessly, via a cellular agnostic antenna.

  • Robust & resilient: Olea's OMR efficiently operates on battery or solar power, transmitting data seamlessly via a cellular agnostic antenna.
  • Scalable & adaptable: Olea's OMR works with all meter brands and types.
  • Cost-effective & easy to deploy: Now you can get reliable, consistent meter reads, without extensive infrastructure investment for faster ROI.
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Your turnkey solution for staying connected, informed and in control of your remote meters.

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Consistent Accuracy

Receive digitized meter readings whenever you need them, ensuring a constant pulse on your system's dynamics.

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Automated Reporting

Access essential insights in daily, weekly, or monthly reports to inform decision-making and enhance your operational efficiency.

Enable Off-Grid Excellence for Your Utility.

Hilly terrains? Remote locations? Dark sites? No problem.

Olea's OMR ensures operational continuity in diverse environments, providing a robust and reliable solution:

  • Independence from Electric Grid ensures functionality in off-grid locations and during power outages.
  • Power Source Flexibility through solar and battery provides versatile energy options.
  • No Infrastructure Required by eliminating the constant connection to the electric grid.
  • Cellular Data Transmission & cellular agnostic antennas for reliable data transmission without fixed networks.
  • Streamlined Deployment & rapid implementation, without the complexities of grid connections.
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We make Digital Transformation easy.

Olea's advanced technology is designed specifically for the water industry. From isolated, off-network AMR/AMI meters to underground industrial water meters to remote, off-grid PRV sensors, we specialize in capturing data from analog assets and digitizing it -- enabling your utility to stay connected, informed, and in control. 


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