Real-time, remote PRV monitoring.

Continuous, cost-effective pressure management. For every location.

Olea's Real-Time Pressure Monitoring offers a seamless solution that integrates advanced edge computing technology with precision pressure sensors designed specifically for Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) stations. Olea's 24/7 PRV monitoring identifies issues when they occur - even in remote and off-grid settings - ensuring operational continuity for your utility.


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  • Flexible & reliable: efficiently operates on battery or solar power, transmitting data seamlessly via a cellular agnostic antenna.
  • Scalable & adaptable: enables a modular or phased implementation, and is compatible with all PRV brands and models. 
  • Cost-effective & easy to deploy: Continuous monitoring without extensive infrastructure investment, easily integrated into existing PRV stations for rapid deployment and faster ROI.

Your turnkey solution for staying connected, informed and in control of your PRV stations.

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Continuous Monitoring

Pressure readings captured at a remarkable frequency of every 10 seconds, ensuring a constant pulse on your system's dynamics.

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Instant Alerts

Receive notifications via text or email when the pressure deviates beyond user-defined absolute thresholds. Stay ahead of potential issues and take proactive measures.

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Automated Reporting

Effortlessly access essential insights to inform decision-making and enhance your operational efficiency through automated reports.

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Enable Off-Grid Excellence for Your Utility.

Rugged terrains? Remote locations? Dark sites? No problem.

Olea's Real-Time PRV Monitoring ensures operational continuity in diverse environments, providing a robust and reliable solution:

  • Independence from Electric Grid ensures functionality in off-grid locations and during power outages.
  • Power Source Flexibility through solar and battery provides versatile energy options.
  • No Infrastructure Required by eliminating the constant connection to the electric grid.
  • Cellular Data Transmission & cellular agnostic antennas for reliable data transmission without fixed networks.
  • Streamlined Deployment & rapid implementation, without the complexities of grid connections.
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Why PRV Monitoring?

Optimize flow management, reduce leakage, and more.

PRV Monitoring helps utilities reduce water loss and non-revenue water by optimizing  flow management:

  • Reduce leakages and main bursts 
  • Reduce risk of backflow caused by low pressure
  • Reduce pumping
  • Ensure sufficient pressure for fire prevention

We make Digital Transformation easy.

Olea's advanced technology is designed specifically for the water industry. From isolated, off-network AMR/AMI meters to underground industrial water meters to remote, off-grid PRV sensors, we specialize in capturing data from analog assets and digitizing it -- enabling your utility to stay connected, informed, and in control. 


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